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Sorting with CurvCode

FiliGrade Sustainable Watermarks has the solution for large-scale re-use of plastic in Europe. Plastic has fantastic properties, is often irreplaceable but the waste problem is big...

In fact this is a sorting problem, if optimal sorting can be done, each of the fractions will be re-usable and will even get economic value. So raw material instead of waste.

Our CurvCode in packaging enables sorting waste on food or non-food of all types of plastic (PP/PET/PE), different colours, paper laminates. A game changer for Europe.

image: PET transparant Unilever
image: PET transparant AMB

Goal: sorting food vs non-food

Now to practice, what problem do we solve in the first place

Re-use of food packaging is currently legally impossible in Europe and all single-use plastic food packaging must therefore be made from new plastic material.

Currently, 540,000,000 kg of plastic packaging is produced annually in the Netherlands (figures KIDV 2017), 40% of this volume being 216,000,000 kg of food packaging. This entire volume is produced annually from new virgin material, reprocessed from oil/fossil fuels.

Thanks to Filigrade's solution, food packaging can be reused for the first time and the entire volume does not have to be produced from new single-use plastic.

Patented solution

FiliGrade has multiple patents (and patents pending) in the domain of recycling with CurvCode.

patent pending

The project 'PET-Recycling with watermarks' is being subsidized by the European Union via the programme OP-Oost.