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Plastic recycling with watermarks

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FiliGrade b.v. has the solution for large-scale reuse of plastic in Europe. Plastic has fantastic properties, is often irreplaceable but the waste problem is big...

In fact this is a sorting problem, if optimal sorting can be done, each of the fractions will be re-usable and will even get economic value. So raw material instead of waste.

Our digital codes (Watermark technology) in plastic enables recycling of all types of plastic, white, transparent, coloured, even black, food vs non-food, without chemistry, and without residue after shredding, a game changer for Europe.

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Mixed plastic has virtually no application and therefore no value. Therefore, since 2015, FiliGrade has been working on the problem of sorting and therefore recycling all types of plastics. The solution is that FiliGrade has developed a digital code (watermark) that can be applied in the mould during production, cheaply and efficiently. This gives the plastic product its own 'DNA', as it were. Single-use foodplastics, flexible packaging, bottles large and small, bowls, crates, jerrycans and even films can be provided with a watermark.

In the waste separation process, the watermark is read and the watermarked plastic can be sorted automatically, after which many more plastics than at present can be fully recycled.

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Now to practice, what problem do we solve in the first place

Reuse of food packaging is currently legally impossible in Europe and all single-use plastic food packaging must therefore be made from new plastic material.

Currently, 540,000,000 kg of plastic packaging is produced annually in the Netherlands (figures KIDV 2017), 40% of this volume being 216,000,000 kg of food packaging. This entire volume is produced annually from new virgin material, reprocessed from oil/fossil fuels.

Thanks to Filigrade's solution, food packaging can be reused for the first time and the entire volume does not have to be produced from new single-use plastic.

Patented solution

FiliGrade has multiple patents (and patents pending) in the domain of recycling with embossed or printed watermarks.

patent pending

The project 'PET-Recycling with watermarks' is being subsidized by the European Union via the programme OP-Oost.