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Product Info

Invisible watermarks is a solution!


More and more Nutrition and Ingredient information is required on a package with larger type fonts, and that leaves less space available for product branding and visuals. The FiliGrade development that offers E-Labelling with invisible watermarks is a solution! Information about the product, the preparation and more is now also available online and offline with a smart phone. Imagine the opportunity that easily can become reality of having an allergy check in the smartphone-app so your customers do not complain to you or even worse via social media.


With the watermarks of FiliGrade, the market leader in printing laminate Schattdecor successfully protects their Intellectual Property. 


A lot of industries can profit from adding instructions to the app, thus also offline available. Think of instructions for preparation food, additional help and assistance for pet products, beauty products and pharmaceutical goods. The watermark in combination with a branded app can deliver all information spot-on to the consumer.

If you are interested in this technology, please contact us.