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Watermarks help identify production runs and track color-mixing values!

Tracking and Tracing

The simple solution: when the printing process is starting, the printer checks with a smart phone if the watermark is readable, than he does with a special app that tracks and traces. The app communicates with the server and the manager and the brand owner know exactly what artwork is currently printed.



FiliGrade offers a total solution for interactive packaging which encompasses all aspects of printed packaging for consumer goods. Our supplemental invisible watermark technology, embedded in the packaging graphics, can be utilized both during the packaging printing process and during the lling stage. For packaging and label printers, watermarks help identify production runs and track color-mixing values.

In the filling or fulfilment environment, watermarks can be used to match one component to another and ensure that the packaging itself matches the product. Assuming cooperation and implementation with various suppliers, all of the complementary packaging components can be controlled and monitored during the various stages in the supply chain.

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