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Copy Detection

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Can you always distinguish the difference between real and fake? Can your customer also?

When counterfeiters want to copy original artwork, they need to scan the artwork.

Then they have to rebuild the artwork. FiliGrade’s technology can detect this scanning and rebuilding with an app on your smartphone. The app sends a photo to our server where we determine if the photographed artwork is a copy or an original. Of course, we know we have to deal with the normal abbreviations of the printing process, but we can!


Your cat is dead of crap fake food, your watch broken after two hours, and you still enjoy cheap fake? Even the public is getting more and more interested in copy detection, and your company should not be negative in the news...

Brand owners are increasingly faced with the problem of counterfeiting. Once a rare occurrence involving only high-value luxury items, today counterfeiting has expanded to include low-price goods like food products, and is very prevalent in the Pharmaceuticals industry. Currently counterfeiting is one of the biggest industries in the world!

The sophistication, breath and reach of counterfeiting operations is staggering, and no-where more so than in Asia. In addition, online webshops in mature markets in Europe and the US are adding to the problem, because the traditional "trusted" retailer is loosing the battle to the cost-effective online store.

The solution to this massive problem will require not just smart technology, but also the right process and the right consumer behavior. The domination of the smartphone makes this possible.

Our watermarks and copy detection technology work because they allow a consumer to scan a product package, poster, retail sticker, social media graphic, or TV advertisement with their mobile smartphone using your branded app. Only your app will work, and there lies part of the security. The invisible codes are similar to QR codes, but are unique codes, which have been specifically applied to a specific product or other medium(like a sticker). The codes are implemented using sophisticated software and scripts, which only we controls, and printed at only authorized printers under strict security. An app is programmed to only read a specific code or set of codes.

You will expect us not to tell more on this website, so if you are interested in this technology, please contact us.