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Consumer Engagement

Imagine the opportunity that easily can be reality!


An invisible watermark gives you the opportunity to communicate with your end-customers about ingredients, recipes or instructions of use and this can be done in the language of the smartphone. Less misusage, less claims for food and health products. Imagine the opportunity that easily can be reality of having an allergy check in the smartphone-app. A timer-help for healthcare products, what ever you wish, we can create. Your company and your agencies do the creative work, we are a tech company that provides the technology and cooperate with your current app-builders.


The extra dimension

Watermark technology works with an invisible code, a watermark concealed in the printed design of a package, valuable documents and more. This code is unique, hard to copy and can be applied to every surface of the product packaging - similar to an EAN code that is wrapped around the entire packaging. Once the code is recognised, interaction with the consumer begins. Contrary to Augmented Reality (AR), the product does not need to be constantly "in the picture", making this system a lot more user-friendly.

FiliGrade delivers true innovation in the area of packaging and printed valuable documents. By adding digital watermarks into the design, and managing the quality of the invisible codes in various print production processes, we upgrade what typically is static medium into an interactive and informative medium.

Scanning the package or document with the camera of a smart phone or tablet, opens a world of possibilities in terms of product information, promotions, customer loyalty, creative marketing campaigns, social interactions, etc. The transfor- mation of "functional", into powerful, modern and engaging communications.

Digital loyalty programs

Based on the combination of the watermarked item, and the smartphone that provides day and time information, GPS-information, and the credentials of the user it is possible to create digital loyalty programs based on the amount of scans in a time-scheme, and to minimize the abuse of the program.

If you are interested in this technology, please contact us.