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FiliGrade was founded in 2014, but it already started under a different name in 2012. 

The FiliGrade solutions are intelligent, innovative, interactive and informative. The visible and invisible codes offer unprecedented possibilities. Moreover interactive packaging and printing better informs the consumer about product information, specifications, nutrition, allergy/medical warnings and instructions. It’s a technology that allows a smartphone to bind, improve, empower and close the gaps found in all current forms of communication. FiliGrade is progression in product communications; a new dawn in the entire product packaging ecosystem. 

the company

FiliGrade 2D and 3D watermarks

Brussels presentation for the industry

Pioneer Project Holy Grail tracer based conference for waste sorting, organized by Gian de Belder, Procter &Gamble
Workshop 4th of April 2017 in the heart of Brussels on benefits and value of tracer - watermark sorting and need for standardization. Contributing to help reaching EU Circular Economy goals.

FiliGrade showed live 2D and 3D watermarks and their vision. Great attention for our sustainable solution, as watermarks have no residues.

Imagine Chemistry AkzoNobel

FiliGrade has been selected as one of the 20 finalists for ‘Imagine Chemistry’, the global AkzoNobel chemicals start-up challenge!

AkzoNobel received over 200 submissions for more sustainable chemistry, which they have carefully reviewed with their team of researchers. They believe FiliGrade's solution ‘Get an interactive watermark into all kinds of plastic products, enabling this product/plastic to be sorted out in a waste plant equipped with digital cameras and software to enable recognition and sorting’ holds great potential and FiliGrade is invited to the finals, taking place in Deventer, The Netherlands from 1-3 June 2017.