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Schoeller-Allibert chooses FiliGrade BV technology

Schoeller-Allibert uses the Filigrade BV technology for digital watermarks in its plastic containers and is ready for a circular economy.


Schoeller-Allibert, Europe's largest producer of reusable plastic logistic packaging, and Filigrade enter into a long-term partnership. Schoeller-Allibert now starts supplying its plastic containers with an interactive watermark that is introduced during production.


By introducing a watermark, all information about the plastic is available digitally and with that they are the first plastic producer in Europe to add this to their crates and pallets. Thanks to the interactive watermark, the composition of the plastic will be 100% known for the recycling of the products.


Schoeller-Allibert wants to take responsibility for a circular economy in the field of recycling and, adding this digital watermark is a big step in that direction.

Schoeller-Allibert is also delighted with the new marketing opportunities that the watermark offers. The possibility of scanning in both B2B and B2C creates unique opportunities in both existing and new relationships.