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First plastic tray with CurvCode: now on the retail shelf

MULTIVAC, specialist in packaging, processing, labeling and quality control solutions has joined forces with FiliGrade Sustainable Watermarks and Bond Seafood. The three companies are thus making an important contribution to large-scale recycling of plastic. 

CurvCode, developed by FiliGrade, makes it possible to sort waste into different types of food and non-food plastic. The newly designed recyclable fish packaging with CurvCode from Bond Seafood is now on the shelves at a national retailer.

For the development of this recycled PET (rPET fish packaging) MULTIVAC worked together with one of its production partners. A nice side effect is that with this, a Dutch innovation for the digital coding of plastic has been introduced: CurvCode.

Ready to recycle
CurvCode works like Braille. PET packaging is marked with a number of raised dots that allow the type of plastic to be recognized. This allows waste sorters using CurvCode detection equipment to mechanically separate different types of plastic from each other. This is an important step towards deploying plastic food packaging within a circular plastic chain. This new tray with CurvCode from Bond Seafood is the first to go on sale in the Netherlands.

Chain cooperation
Han Meiberg on behalf of FiliGrade: "And that is what we want to achieve. Collaboration in the production and waste chain is crucial. CurvCode is a chain solution. We are proud of the fact that we have now formed a coalition of around 30 parties who are united in their desire to further tackle the waste and sorting problem in the Netherlands. We want to accelerate and believe in high-quality sorting and recycling, in the Netherlands, and then also in the rest of Europe." 

Less environmental impact
Bond Seafood is putting its money where its mouth is by jointly developing a tray that has less environmental impact. Marcel Bond: "After an intensive preparation period, in which the MULTIVAC team continually thought along with us and tested, it is wonderful that we are the first (fish) producer to participate in this innovation in the field of waste sorting. At a national retailer trays with, for example, smoked mackerel and herring fillets are now on the shelves. And the expectation is that Plus, among others, will soon follow suit."

Bond Seafood has long been open to better waste sorting and reuse of plastic packaging and is actively working on this. "We would like to be a pioneer and do our bit to improve the reuse of this type of packaging and therefore also see ourselves as a (co)pioneer. Last year, for example, we switched to fully mono PET material for all our packaging. As far as we are concerned, CurvCode is a new step in the right direction. To work together towards better waste sorting." 

Mart de Koning of MULTIVAC, on CurvCode: "We like to collaborate on sustainable (environmental) solutions. We think along, test and fine-tune the packaging and the machines. This initiative, with Bond Seafood and FiliGrade, with support from the retail market, is a great example of a win-win situation." 

Join in and recycle
Han Meiberg: "Dealing with plastic waste is a major issue in today’s society which is why we are always open to chain partners who are interested. Parties who want to participate are welcome to apply."

MULTIVAC develops customized packaging solutions that are relevant to its customers and also provides appropriate support for the growth, innovation and sustainable success of the company. Specifically, this includes the supply of the right packaging machine with the right packaging material including advice and testing. A total concept that takes the pressure off customers. MULTIVAC, operating worldwide, maintains good relations with its customers and puts a great deal of effort into preserving a long-term relationship.