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FiliGrade wins "De Gouden Noot"


"Invisible" innovation wins 30th edition of the world's most competitive packaging competition De Gouden Noot

The award ceremony of the 30th edition of the packaging innovation competition De Gouden Noot took place on Thursday 8 October 2020 and was streamed live from the A'DAM Tower. During this phenomenal evening, presented by Francesca Vanthielen, De Gouden Noot with its runners up was awarded the most competitive packaging innovation award. The honour for De Gouden Noot 2020 went to FiliGrade with its 'digital codes for recycling' (gold), followed by O-I with Expressions (silver) and Eurotrol with the CueSee Ringe (bronze).

This innovation in the field of digital coding represents a breakthrough in solving the environmental problems that have arisen in recent years with the large-scale use of plastic packaging. Packaging is the temporary integration of a packaging and a product to enable the use of the product; the world does this more than three hundred thousand times every second and packaging in plastic is a large part of this. FiliGrade's innovation makes it possible to uniquely code individual packaging and, based on the information thus generated, drastically improve the Collect-Control ("collection") and Backend ("conversion of emptied packaging into materials for new applications") of packaging.