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Demo at Tomra Koblenz

part 1

Amazing results in sorting Plastics with Interactive Watermarks from Filigrade during Demo show at Tomra in Koblenz

On Thursday 16 May a demo show was organized on behalf of Petcore Europe by the Pioneer project group "HolyGrail". This demo show took place at the TOMRA Sorting Recycling test center in Koblenz. The aim of the Holy-Grail project group over the past 3 years was to investigate what the best methodology for the future would be for better and more extensive sorting of plastics so that sorted plastic could be used again as a valuable raw material.

part 2

During the demo show, members of Petcore Europe could see live how interactive watermarks from FiliGrade sorted out various types of plastics, such as PET bottles, Food-graded PET, bottles with sleeves, black bowls, various other PP plastic packaging and HDPE and separated from other waste. The speed at which this took place was amazing, namely more than 3 m / per second and a score of more than 95% purity.

part 3

Next steps are now being defined and the excellent results will be presented by Petcore on May 22 during the 7th New Plastics Economy workshop in London.