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Printing companies

All printing companies are asked to describe the parameters of their process extensively, so FiliGrade can check if the process is standard for the technique and substrate or has a validation to be done. If copy detection is needed, the printing company and its processes need a certification by FiliGrade to ensure minimal tolerances.


This certification is an added value to the customers of the printing company. FiliGrade has already done an extensive investigation in several printing processes to deeply gain information to optimize for the specific printing process. Normally, once this is done per technique/substrate, artwork to printed by other printing companies with equal techniques and substrates, the insertion can be done in an equal way.

Package specialists

As the printing specialist is an intermediate between the brand owner and the printing company, this person is normally interested in the advantages of both. A cooperation with FiliGrade can help to improve processes concerning the packages or other printwork.


Packaging Specialists can have their own relation to FiliGrade, in their role as an intermediate between printing companies and brand owners. We can give you a lot of information, after signing an NDA, so you can advise your customers intensively on watermarking.