FiliGrade at Akzo Nobel Chemistry Challenge

June 3rd 2017 - Two prizes won by FiliGrade during AkzoNobel Chemistry Challenge.

Consumer Engagement

This is a gold mine for marketers, the consumer scans the package or print, so branding your product is at maximum. The most effective way of promoting or getting your story across to your consumer/client. All marketing actions can now be done in the app, so no more collecting of cut-outs or bar codes or other efforts to be done, just the actions. Easy for the consumer to engage with little effort, easy for the brand owner with more people taking part of the action.

Copy Detection

Fake products are a huge problem in the world. Perfume, jewelry, food, pharma, petcare products, laminate, all are largely copied. Detection starts with the printed package or product.

Product Info

An invisible watermark gives you the opportunity to communicate with your end-customers about ingredients, recipes or instructions of use and this can be done in the laguage of the smartphone. Less misusage, less claims for food and health products. Imagine the opportunity that easily can be reality of having an allergy check in the smartphone-app.